It's time to get into the studio with us! This service focuses on having a model on a plain background colour of your choice or we also offer more complex set designs if you want to get super creative! A huge benefit of this style of shoot is to minimise distractions, making it ALL about your product and its use. From different coloured backdrops, to lighting styles and a wide network of models, we're here to bring the attention to detail with a studio shoot!


Our Process



First off we'll get to know your brand and understand the purpose behind your shoot and for your content. We’ll then tap into our network of gorgeous models, book the studio, and flesh out a pre-production board for your approval!



It’s time to head to the studio with our models and make magic happen! We try to capture as much content as we can during our time on set so you have plenty of options to choose from!



Time to put the icing on top of the cake! After you’ve selected your favourite images, we’ll finalise the retouching and send your photos through for the world to see!


Every studio shoot is different in terms of budget. Your final quote will depend on the quantity of images and video you require which will dictate how much time we need to be in the studio for. 

The first step is to complete a creative brief so we can understand exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to your photo and video content and we’ll provide you with a quote! We’d recommend having both photo and video done in the same shoot to really optimise your budget!

Step into the studio with us!

Welcome to our second home! When shooting with models in the studio, we've got access to an extensive kit of professional photo and video gear to ensure you're receiving high quality content ready to use for any platform.

Not to mention an access to extensive library of props and background colours to help bring some spice and colour to your brand.

The Quick Flick Quick Screen Campaign

To help The Quick Flick launch their brand new SPF products, we worked with them to provide a range of photos and a video. We love the yellow background and sunny light vibe they went with for this shoot!